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Pure sailing fun, without much effort, with a small crew or single-handed – on a boat that, even when there is very little wind, doesn’t just bob along but truly sails. A boat that is safe, stable and yet fast when the wind is strong. This is something Josef Schuchter had wanted to achieve for quite some time. There was no such concept on the international boat market. And people who appreciate excellent sailing qualities want a boat that does not require a large crew.

Having talked to various designers, Josef Schuchter felt that Umberto Felci understood best what he wanted to do. By the end of October 2003, the main lines had been defined and the development team, consisting of Felci Design, the Proteus boatyard on Lake Garda and Schuchter Sportboot AG, were working on all the finer details, whilst the negative moulds for the Esse 850 had already been made.

Following an intense period of development, the very first Esse 850 boat took to the water on 3 March 2004. The boat worked perfectly right from the very beginning. The easy handling they had aimed for, combined with finely-tuned helming, ensured great sailing enjoyment right from the off.

The Esse 850 proved how fast it can sail just a week later at the winter regatta in Lugano. Despite considerable competition, Josef Schuchter and his team won the first race with the Esse 850 SUI-001, without previously having carried out any speed tests. Other regatta successes followed in the same year, the highlight of which was the European Sports Boat Championships with participants from seven nations. Three Esse 850 boats were at the start and finished in first and second place. Even before the Esse 850 had completed its final tests in Barcelona, the eleven leading European yachting magazines had already nominated the boat for the “European boat of the year” award. In February 2005 at the “Boot” boat show in Düsseldorf, Schuchter Sportboot AG was awarded the prestigious prize.

Schuchter Sportboot AG continued to work on the successful concept of the Esse 850 and, with the Esse 990 and Esse 750, developed more unique sailing boats, combining sporty sailing with perfect functionality and easy handling.

Today you can find Esse yachts in many regions of the world, from the Baltic to the South of France and the USA. Both the Esse 850 and the Esse 750 have their own regatta series, with attractive events taking part in various locations, such as Monaco, Lake Maggiore, Lake Geneva, Lake Garda, Lake Constance and Lake Zurich.



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