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Where freedom sets sails.

04. December 2022

esseboats starts the new year with a new brand identity.

Esse 990

Glide swiftly over the water. Or leisurely towards the next aperitif. Enjoy the power of nature all by yourself. Or in the company of your favorite crew. Winning regattas. Or win the hearts of the audience.

With an esse, it's all possible. Infinite freedom.

And this is now reflected in the new brand identity: generous white space, bright yellow accents on the horizon, a logo with a playful buoy and a typeface that combines the zeitgeist as well as classic Swiss typography. All values that esseboats also stand for.

The new brand identity can now be seen online and step by step in all other communication. We would like to thank all those involved and look forward to starting the new year with a breath of fresh air.

Linda Egloff Kommunikation
Account direction, strategy and copy

Marvin Hugentobler
Art Direction

Dominik Locher
Graphic Design

Joris Noordermeer